Course Composition:
Safety at work; Food safety; Kitchen maintenance and design; Budgeting, costing and control; Nutrition and dietetics; Menu planning; Wine tasting and service

Preparation, cooking and service of:
* Meat and poultry dishes
* Fish and shellfish dishes
* Stocks
* Sauces and soups
* Pulses and vegetable dishes
* Farinaceous dishes
* Cold preparation dishes
* Egg dishes and savories
* Bread making
* Dishes from around the world
* Buffet cooking and set up

All cooking methods:
Blanching, poaching, boiling, steaming, deep-frying, sautéing, grilling, gratinating, baking, roasting, glazing and stewing.

All students are issued with 3 x Chef jackets, 1 x hat, 1 x apron and 1 x necktie. A 7-piece set of professional Chef's knives (in a knife roll) is also included.

Classes commence from 08h30 through to 16h00 on Mondays to Fridays. Absence of more than 2 weeks in an academic year may lead to disqualification of taking the final examinations.

Cost:  R40,000.00 per year


Payments are made as follows:


Non-refundable deposit payable on acceptance                    R5,000.00 (on acceptance)

Knife-set                                                                                 R2,500.00 (on acceptance)

Uniforms                                                                                 R2,500.00 (on acceptance)

12 Monthly Payments of R2,500.00                                       R30,000.00

Total for Year 1                                                                                       R40,000.00

Years 2 & 3

R40,000.00 per year or 24 Monthly Payments of R3,300.00 

How to Apply:
Email a request to: