Duration: 12 weeks (once per week) 18h00 - 21h00 (Thursday) Cost:  R3,500.00 - payable over the 12 weeks Outline: Lesson 1: Stocks, Sauces, Creme Brulee, Chicken Pie, Puff Pastry, Ratatouille Lesson 2: Chocolate Mousse, Tuscany Fish

Duration  :  4 Weeks Lesson 1: Homemade Pasta, Homemade Sauces Lesson 2: Gnocchi, Ravioli, Tortellini, Risotto   Lesson 3: Ossobuco, Meatballs, Florentine Chicken, Grilled Fish with homemade Pesto Lesson

MORROCCO:  Carrot Soup, Meatball Tagine, Cous Cous, Almond Honey Briouates SPAIN:  Empandillas, Chicken Stew with Mushrooms, Peas and Olives, Garlic vegetable and Rice Casserole, Deep Fried Biscuits FRANCE:  Basil Palmiers, Fille