Merry Christmas,a Happy Festive Season and a Properous New Year to all my Foodie Friends. Once again the year has just flown by and I can't believe we are about to take a well-earned break.  So much has happened this year and between 51 NYCTP students and 14 full-time Alfresco students we have hardly touched sides.  The Alfresco students have just had their graduation and I wish them all well in their new and exciting chosen careers.  Congratulations to Christy Agenbag on achieving Chef of the Year.  It was well deserved.  The NYCTP programme has been very competently run by Rosie Aerebo on a part-time basis and I am very happy to annnounce that she has now chosen to join the Alfresco team on a full-time basis from 2013.  Welcome Rosie.  The programme is now mid-way and both the 1st and 2nd years will complete their course in March 2013.  Thank you to all the service providers who have been offering them invaluable on-site training.   The new programme will commence in April this year and Government have now approved a Higher Diploma for 3rd years!I I cannot emphasise how wonderful it is to be involved with such a fantastic initiative.  Students who would never had the financial ability to study post school are now being given the opportunity of a life-time to acquire a highly needed skill which will not only benefit them but our food industry as a whole.  Thank you to SACA and Department of Tourism for all the hard work in making this possible. The new intake for the Alfresco students will commence on the 3rd Monday of January and we look forward to a full and exciting year. God Bless and have a wonderful festive season. Annette