A Happy New Year and more importantly a blessed, safe and healthy 2016 to all our friends and students!  Gosh, I cant believe another year has passed and what a bumper and busy one it was!  We had 17 full-time City and Guilds students as well as 32 National Department of Tourism/SACA students.  We also ran a number of evening classes.  A big thank you to Rose, Vivi and Aviwe for all their loyal and dedicated help.  Our results have been amazing!  We achieve an 80% distinction pass rate accross the board with no failures!  Congratulations to all our students on their hard work and we wish you every success with your careers.  Remember, our phone are always on and our doors are always open.  We love seeing our past students.

It has been brought to our attention that the words "Cordon Bleu" used in the context of a course being offered has been trademarked so, we will be changing the name of our part-time courses to Principles of French Cooking (Beginners and Advanced).  The content of the courses will remain the same.  We have a fully subscribed group for the Beginners commencing in February and will be running the course again in the 2nd half of the year so please contact Rose to avoid dissapointment.  We still have vacancies for the Italian Course and the 4 Countries in 4 days so give us a call.

We have started 2016 with a full group of City & Guilds students and frankly I wish I had more space - not fun seeing all those dissapointed faces who did not get in!  Having said that, I believe we have a wonderful class and really look forward to seeing their culinary skills grow as the year progresses.  Our NDT programme will finish at the end of Februry with the 2nd year Diploma students going into their 3rd year Pastry Diploma from the beginning of April.  Good luck with your final exams, I am confident you will all do well.

To all our foodie friends - happy cooking and remember life is too short to worry about calories!  Eat, live and be healthy.